Ejercicios en inglés sobre la comprensión de audio, lo que le permite perfeccionar la pronunciación del idioma Inglés que hemos seleccionado para ti.  Trata de seguir el texto propuesto para mejorar tu comprensión del inglés

En la necesidad se conoce al amigo


Lea el siguiente extracto en inglés (con la ayuda de cualquier audio) para mejorar su capacidad de entender un texto.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Once upon a time there lived a lion in a forest. One day after a heavy meal. It was sleeping under a tree. After a while, there came a mouse and it started to play on the lion. Suddenly the lion got up with anger and looked for those who disturbed its nice sleep. Then it saw a small mouse standing trembling with fear. The lion jumped on it and started to kill it. The mouse requested the lion to forgive it. The lion felt pity and left it. The mouse ran away. On another day, the lion was caught in a net by a hunter. The mouse came there and cut the net. Thus it escaped. There after, the mouse and the lion became friends. They lived happily in the forest afterwards.

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