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Definizione monolingua



which (plural whiches)

  1. An occurrence of the word which.
    • 1959, William Van OConnor, Modern prose, form and style (page 251)
      The ofs and the whiches have thrown our prose into a hundred-years sleep.
    • 1989, Donald Ervin Knuth, Tracy Larrabee, Paul M. Roberts, Mathematical writing (page 90)
      Is it not true, TLL asked of Mary-Claire, that people invariably get their whiches and thats right when they speak?


  1. (relative) Who; whom; what (of those mentioned or implied)
    He walked by a door with a sign which read: PRIVATE OFFICE.
    Their first song, which made the charts in 2004, is great.
    Weve met some problems which are very difficult to handle.
    He had to leave, which was very difficult.
    We have to protect the environment in which we live.
    No art can be properly understood apart from the culture of which it is a part.

Definizione dizionario which

  ( '''interrogative''' ) what, of those mentioned or implied
  ( '''interrogative''' ) what one or ones
  ( '''relative''' ) who, whom, what
  What one or ones (of those mentioned or implied).
i quali
  ( '''relative''' ) the one(s) that
il quale
  ( '''relative''' ) the one(s) that
la quale
  ( '''relative''' ) the one(s) that
le quali
  ( '''relative''' ) the one(s) that
il che
quale and

Altri significati:
  (relative) the one mentioned
  (relative) The one or ones that.
  (now dialectal, unless referring to a group) Used of people (now generally who, whom or that).
  which (emphatic)
  (interrogative) What one or ones (of those mentioned or implied).
  What, of those mentioned or implied (used interrogatively).
  (relative) Who; whom; what (of those mentioned or implied)
  which (one) (?)
  which (of two)
  which (of three or more)
  An occurrence of the word which.
  what (way)

Traduzione which

quale ,che ,i quali ,il quale ,la quale

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