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Definizione monolingua




  1. Present participle of wait.
    Your guest has been waiting for you. (progressive)
    Waiting for something to happen is part of the job. (gerund)
    They hurried into the waiting car. (participle used as adjective)
    • 1874, John Fiske, Outlines of Cosmic Philosophy, I. 122.
      In all ages, men have fought over words, without waiting to know what the words really signified.

waiting (countable and uncountable; plural waitings)

  1. (obsolete) Watching.
  2. The act of staying or remaining in expectation.
    • 1876, Richard Watson Gilder, The New Day, A Poem in Songs and Sonnets
      There was an awful waiting in the earth, / As if a mystery greatened to its birth.
  3. Attendance, service.
    • 1871-72, George Eliot, Middlemarch, xxxvi.
      Green glasses for hock, and excellent waiting at table.

Definizione dizionario waiting

  The act of staying or remaining in expectation

Altri significati:
  '''Waiting for something to happen is part of the job.''' (gerund)
  Attendance, service.
  (Should we delete <sup>(+)</sup> this sense?) The act of staying or remaining in expectation.
  Present participle of wait.
  '''Your guest has been waiting for you''' . (progressive)
  (obsolete) Watching.
  '''They hurried into the waiting car.''' (participle used as adjective)

Traduzione waiting

attesa ,servizio

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