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Definizione monolingua



undisguised (comparative more undisguised, superlative most undisguised)

  1. Not disguised, plainly visible.
    • 1854, John Wellesley Thomas, Capt. J. W. Thomas report to Headquarters following Eureka rebellion,
      The Major-General has already been made aware of the fact, that a large number of ill-disposed persons have, for some days, been openly organizing, drilling, and equipping themselves, with the undisguised object of attacking her Majestys troops, and, if possible, subverting the Government.
    • 1885, Edward Dutton Cook, Anderson, John Henry, article in Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900, Volume 1: Abbadie - Anne,
      The bal masqué was ‘a scene of undisguised indecency, drunkenness, and vice.’
    • 1890s, Xenophon, Henry Graham Dakyns (translator), Hellenica, Book 4, Chapter 5,
      So when they perceived the approach of Agesilaus, the Argives and their friends left the offerings as they lay, including the preparations for the breakfast, and retired with undisguised alarm into the city by the Cenchrean road.

Definizione dizionario undisguised

Altri significati:
  Not disguised
  broad (provincial accent)

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