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Definizione monolingua



hardly (comparative more hardly, superlative most hardly)

  1. (manner, obsolete) Firmly, vigorously, with strength or exertion.
    • 1603, John Florio, translating Michel de Montaigne, Essays, Folio Society 2006, vol. 1 p. 148:
      Let him hardly be possest with an honest curiositie to search out the nature and causes of all things [...].
  2. (manner, archaic) Harshly, severely.
    I cant really deal hardly with people.
  3. (manner, obsolete) With difficulty.
    • 1603, John Florio, translating Michel de Montaigne, Essays, Folio Society 2006, vol. 1, p. 234:
      And what gentle flame soever doth warme the heart of young virgins, yet are they hardly drawne to leave and forgoe their mothers, to betake them to their husbands [...].
    He made his way hardly through the enemies to the castle.
  4. (degree) Barely, only just, almost not.
    I hardly ever watch television.
    I hardly think theyll come in this bad weather.
    It is hardly possible he could lose the election.
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    • 2011 November 3, David Ornstein, “Macc Tel-Aviv 1 - 2 Stoke”, BBC Sport:
      With this the second of three games in seven days for Stoke, it was hardly surprising to see nine changes from the side that started against Newcastle in the Premier League on Monday.

Definizione dizionario hardly

  barely, only just
a mala pena
a stento
con difficoltà
con fatica

Altri significati:
  hardly (with neg. verb)
  (manner, obsolete) Firmly, vigorously, with strength or exertion.
  Not really.
  (manner, obsolete) With difficulty.
  inadequately (with negative grammatical constructions)
  Only a very short time before.
  (degree) Barely, only just, almost not.
  (manner, archaic) Harshly, severely.

Traduzione hardly

appena ,a mala pena ,a stento ,alig ,con difficoltà

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